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Launches Poolshark v1 pools and managers ownership controls as well as fee accrual if enabled.



  function createPool(
    address token20A,
    address token20B,
    uint24 fee
  ) external returns (address pool)

Creates a pool for the given two ERC-20 tokens and fee tier.

The addresses of token20A and token20B will be sorted lexographically (i.e. first by number then by letter) based on their addresses.

This will correspond to token0 and token1 in the pool created.

tickSpacing is retrieved based on the fee tier selected. The contract call will revert if the pool already exists, the fee tier is not supported, or the token addresses are invalid.


Name Type Description
token20A address The first ERC-20 token to pair in the pool
token20B address The second ERC-20 token to pair in the pool
fee uint24 The selected fee tier for the pool

Return Values:

Name Type Description
pool address The generated address for the token pool


  function setOwner(
    address _owner
  ) external

Sets the owner of the factory contract.

The owner is set to msg.sender when the factory contract is first launched.

Admin functions: setOwner enableFeeTier


Name Type Description
_owner address The new owner of the factory


  function enableFeeTier(
    uint24 fee,
    int24 tickSpacing
  ) public

Enables a fee tier with the selected tickSpacing.

Fee amounts can never be removed by anyone once enabled.


Name Type Description
fee uint24 The fee amount to enable, denominated in hundredths of a basis points (i.e. 0.0001%)
tickSpacing int24 The spacing between ticks to be enforced for all pools created with the given fee amount denoted in basis points (i.e. 0.01%)