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How to LP on Range

Minting a Position

This is a typical bidirectional liquidity position ([See Documentation for more info](
  • 1. Click ‘Connect Wallet’.

Connecting wallet

  • 2. Connect your wallet through the widget.

Wallet Widget

  • 3. Navigate to the “Pool” page.

  • 4. Select the token pair you want to provide liquidity on.

Range Pool Page

  • 5. Alternatively select the token 0 for input and output and a pool can be created.

Range Pool Page

  • 6. Find it within the token widget by clicking or searching.

Range Pool Page

  • 7. Repeat the same process for token 1 by clicking selecting the second token.

Range Pool Page

Range Pool Page

  • 9. Input the range you would like to provide liquidity within (this will impact the number of tokens you input as it is based on where the current price is within the range).

  • 10. Enter the number of each token(s) you would like to provide within this range.

Range Pool Page

  • 11. Click "Preview" to make sure the fields are filled to your liking.

Range Pool Page

  • 12. Within the Preview pop-up click the button and it will open up allowances for each token if this is the first time creating a position with these tokens on Poolshark.

Range Pool Page

  • 13. Click confirm on the signature requests for the allowances within your wallet.

  • 14. Click “Mint Position” and it will send an approval signature request to your connected wallet to create the position.

  • 15. Click confirm on your wallet to sign the approval.

  • 16. Wait for the transaction to confirm in the next block.

  • 17. Congratulations you have just created your first range position on Poolshark! Click the pop-up to view on Arbiscan.